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MI page 1

Medical Informatics Power Point Presentation

Medical Informatics NJIT  (65-67 CREDITS)




COURSE TITLE                   

1st Semester


CPT 325

Medical Informatics I (3-0-3)

CPT 310

Computer Design Fundamentals (2-2-3)

CPT 330

Software Web Applications for Engineering Technology 1(2-2-3)

ENG 352

Technical Writing (3-0-3)

HIST 379

HIST 379 History of Medicine (3-0-3)

     or HIST 380

History of Public Health  (3-0-3)

MIS 245

Introduction to Management of Information Systems (3-0-3)



2nd Semester



Medical Informatics II (3-0-3)

CPT 341

Visual Basic .NET for Engineering Technology (2-2-3)

CPT 335

Network Applications for Computer Technology (2-2-3)

MATH 305

Statistics for Technology (3-0-3)

IT 230

Computer Security  (3-0-3)

MNET 414

Cost Analysis  for Medical Infrastructures(3-0-3)

     or MIS 246

Tools and Technologies for the Digital Firm (3-0-3)





1st semester


CPT 401

Senior Project (1-4-2)/ Medical Informatics Co-op (0-0-3)

CS 431

Database Design (3-0-3)

IT 220

Wireless Networks

HRM 301

Organizational Behavior  - Medical Organizations (3-0-3)

PHIL 351

Biomedical Ethics (3-0-3)


Capstone Seminar Medical Informatics (HSS4XX) (3-0-3)



2nd semester


IS 448

Ubiquitous Computing (Handheld wireless devices) (3-0-3)

IS 447

IS 447 Human Computer Interfaces

     or Telemedicine

Proposed (3-0-3)

HUM 251

Ethical Issues –Medical Informatics (3-0-3)

CHEM 310

Chemistry for Technology (2-2-3)

  IS 686

Pervasive Computing (connecting systems)(3-0-3) or Wireless Biomedical Monitoring (proposed)


Any 300-400 level course


NJIT and Bergen Community College are working together on a joint AAS in Medical Informatics and a B.S. at NJIT.

Students can either complete the AAS in Medical Informatics at Bergen community college Bergen Community College AAS Degree

and transfer to NJIT to complete their B.S. The second option is to apply to NJIT and complete a bridge program to complete the

necessary prerequisities. Contact Dr. David Lubliner Program coordinator Lubliner@NJIT.edu or the

Engineering Technology Department EngineeringTechnology@NJIT.edu

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